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For busy list owners and email marketers:

Here’s Your Very Own Library of High-Converting Swipes, Templates, and Frameworks You Can Use TODAY To Effortlessly Craft Engaging Emails That Nurture and SELL

Without learning to become a high-level copywriter… hiring an expensive one… or writing emails from scratch...

Presenting: [List Miners] ‘Plug & Play’ Email Pack - $19.22

  • The R.A.C.S.O. Framework - video breakdown for writing persuasive and engaging sales messages that convert.
  • 5-Day ‘Plug & Play’ Trust Worthy Welcome Sequence - strategically compel readers to not only buy your products but create long-lasting connections and raving fans.
  • 96-hour ‘Plug & Play’ FLASH SALE sequence - open your own SALES faucet at will whenever you need URGENT cash flow.
  • ‘Ready To Send’ Email Checklist - always put your best foot forward and make sure your emails are 100% optimized before hitting your subscribers’ inboxes.
  • 1,000 ‘Plug & Play’ Email Subject Lines from the world’s leading marketers - NEVER run out of ideas again. Save thousands of hours "waiting for inspiration" & just make it happen.

Dear new miner:

Did you watch the video above? I wrote an email in about 8 minutes using the very pack I'm offering you now.

You can speed up the video if you’d like… but this is proof of demonstration.

That it's possible to use this exact email pack and write an email in short time.

From start to finish, how I came up with the idea... straight from the pack of 1,000 subject lines.

Then I used the template for one of the 5 day plug in play emails to setup what I was gonna write.

After that you saw a sped up version of me slapping the keyboard.

You see it. There's no hiding. It's simple and straight forward.

If your goal is to drum up ideas at the drop of a dime...

where you're taking charge of the idea process...

...instead of waiting for inspiration... 

Then this email pack is for you.

Eventually, you'll bang out emails faster than you put the kettle on, sit down and take the first sip of coffee. 

How much is that worth to you?

To me, much more than this...

List Miners Email Pack 


Why so cheap?

I want you to get in at the ground floor of our small operation.

The List Miners have a TON of ideas brewing. And we want to over deliver on TOOLS, not just information... for as many human beings as possible.

and Maybe sometime down the road you'd like to do some more business with us. Maybe spark a new friendship.

Who knows?

In the mean time, let me give you the nuts and bolts.

Here's what you get: SPEED

  • 27 minute video on the R.A.C.S.O. framework. You’ll be able to crank out daily emails with relative ease. It’s how I structure 90% of my emails (and Facebook posts). It’s strategically embedded with persuasion triggers and conversion levers to persuade, connect, and push your subscribers towards the sale while making you THE go-to person in your field.

  • 1,000 templatized subject lines from the world’s greatest marketers. Never stare at a blank screen again. With this by your side and you’ll be able to let all your ideas flow. Just customize them with your information and you’re good to go.

  • 5-day fully-customizable welcome sequence. Indoctrinate your audience into your philosophies, nurture them, and prime them towards the sale. You’ll build trust and rapport while establishing yourself as the expert.

  • 96-hour FLASH sale template. Use this ANY time you need urgent cash flow and a new surge of sales. Yes, it’s all about building long-lasting connections with your subscribers. But every once in awhile, you (or your friends) have products needed to be promoted NOW. Just fill in your information and publish them as is... virtually generating income at will.

  • 30-day ‘plug and play’ promotional calendar. No more guesswork or time wasted thinking about what comes next. Easily plan a whole month ahead of campaigns so you can gain clarity, momentum, and a clear view of what the next 30 days will bring. Think of it as a GPS for your promotions. Without it you won’t know where to go, leaving money on the table.

The files consist of PDFs, and few videos to make consumption simple & straight forward.

The name of the game here is creating good enough emails to send out to your audience fast.

While maintaining your integrity, principles and trust.

So you can focus on building your empire. Not slaving away on the perfect message.

Waiit.. I almost forgot... here are a few bonuses as well.

  • Conversion Levers - Discover how and why certain emails work better than others. Leverage these conversion levers in each and every email to increase response, emotion, and persuasiveness

  • 1,000 Trigger Words - Boring kills the sale. You need to use emotional words that trigger a response. Don’t be bland and boring. Spice your email up with this list.

  • Email Marketing Cheat Sheet - So you’ll always be putting your best foot forward. Never send an email without taking a look at this cheat sheet or you risk your emails falling flat and bombing

The Clean-Cut TRIPLE Guarantee

Grab your copy of The List Miners Email Pack now and test it for 365 days.

That’s right, give the pack a proper use for a whole year. And if you don’t think it has helped you at all… or you try it and it doesn’t work for you (very doubtful)... or you just hate the fonts and my face… you get your money. No questions asked.

If you’re not totally satisfied and completely blown-away, then I don’t want your money.

Remember, if you're not yet sold on this pack. And writing emails faster than you take your clothes off and hop in the shower... read the entire sales page here.

Orrrrr you can just take these tools for a few cents less than $20 bucks... write a few emails to your list...

make 20 times your money back on this investment.

Send up a testimonial of you on a boat.

Then sail into the sunset.

Until then, I look forward to talking with you down the line.

We'll talk later - Back at the Ranch,

David Rosa

Half List Miner | Half Lord

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