Finally Display Your Genius with the Only 
Vendor Detached Showroom in Vancouver

Made for K&B Designers to Express Their Brilliance
Without Any Restrictions

Non Threatening Showroom Floor With Elite Visuals For the K&B Designer

Never worry about salesmen following your every step. You can show your client the full extent of your imagination without any pressure.

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Pictures of Sample Resources

No Pressure or Obligation to Purchase Any Gallery Material

Although we have samples, materials and resources from all around the world. There is absolutely NO obligation to use any of it.

You have full autonomy within your business. 

Push The Limits Of Your Creativity

Our showroom floor is made for you to shine. With full rooms dedicated to unique styles such as contemporary, British Colonial, Minimalism, etc.

Our aim is to give you full autonomy with your vision and design goals. 

Photo collage of all staging areas

Set The Tone (Gallery for Each Stage Area) High Res Photos

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Make Success Easier

The samples, resources and materials are at your disposal. You won't have to look all over town for samples.

We have hundreds of materials for you to experiment with. 

Exclusive Meeting Areas

You have access to exclusive meeting areas in every stage room.

Where you can speak intimately with clients about your strategy & plans.

You can also take control of conference rooms & office areas to give your clients the full experience.

More Pictures

More Pictures

For Designers, By Designers 

With 40 years experience, our founder has plugged a large hole in the market. 

An exclusive vendor detached showroom. Closed to the public for designers with a 5 star imagination. 

No matter where you are in the journey, you have a place here.

Book A Tour

Come experience CUBE Creative for yourself. Schedule time to walk through the gallery as see exactly how you can demonstrate your imagination for design.

All areas are COVID friendly. We Follow strict CDC Covid sanitary guidelines to ensure your safety.

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